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The Agile Testers

We are the only full-Agile company that specifically focuses on the execution and improvement of Agile test processes with clients and does so, only with the best Agile test engineers. And we do not just do that: We are the market leader in the Netherlands and Belgium! We can only be and stay the best in our profession by encouraging new top-testers to grow, and give them the opportunity to grow even further through training, sharing knowledge and following workshops and seminars, anywhere in the world. We meet at least monthly to discuss subject-specific topics and share knowledge. And we do that during office-hours, not after.

In addition, there are various teams that work on innovative solutions for our customers. For example, there is a team that develops Instant API services, there is a team that develops a solution for building test frameworks for our customers, and there is a training team that has developed a Professional Agile Tester and a BDD-Cucumber course. And for these teams as well; we meet on a regular basis during office hours, not after.

In addition to subject-related activities, there is also room for relaxation, such as workshops graffiti spray, a game of ‘The Mole’, a BBQ, masterclass kickboxing and attending the Agile Testing Days in Potsdam.

As a company, we are as Agile as possible. Trello boards, Slack, no fixed office (just come together where’s convenient and fun) and minimal overhead. There are two ´End-bosses´ and the rest is ´Starter-boss´. That´s all we need!


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Patrick van Enkhuijzen