Behaviour Driven Development(BDD) is an agile working method, aimed at implementing usable software by describing the behaviour from the perspective of the stakeholders.

Product Owners and users, together with developers and testers, determine the functionality that contributes most to a business objective.

This is an iterative process in which devising and discussing exampkes of desired system behaviour in a (business) domain specific language is central.

The scenarios that are deliverd with this serve as acceptance criteria and are used for programming and, if desired, partly autotmaic testing of the software (by Cucumber)


For whom

This course is recommended for test professionals who want to do more with BDD in combination with test automation.


Needed knowledge

No specific knowledge is required for this training. If you have programming experience, it helps.


The course is very practical in which a lot is practiced(Laptop required!)We start with the theory of BDD and Cucumber and after that it is handson writing tests and automate them immediately.


Location and number of participants

The training is provided centrally in the Netherlands or if you register a minimum of 6 participants than we can come to any location in the Netherlands. The maximum participants is 10 people so that everyone gets enough personal attention and there is also time to go deeper in the material and also in the questions.



2-day training: € 799 per person included two lunches, excluding VAT

To the overview

Patrick van Enkhuijzen